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Low Hanging Fruit December 31, 2013

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Change isn’t always easy but it can be easier if you go for the low hanging fruit first. In this case it’s oranges. Eating an orange a day will give you Vitamin C, excellent fiber, as well as about 10% of your daily requirements of Thiamin, Folate and Potassium. I like them because they’re sweet and juicy and, even better, filling.


Sleep Easy December 30, 2013

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Today’s change is an important one that anyone can do (unlike giving up candy which some people who shall remain nameless could not possibly do). Because I suffer from insomnia off and on through the year, I’m always interested in how to cure it. My daughter mentioned turning off my computer at least a full hour before trying to go to sleep. (We saw a science special a while ago that explained how light affects sleep.) I think she’s right. I’m taking her advice. No computer for at least a full hour before going to bed.


The Working Parts of Change

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A couple of days ago, I decided to talk about a few things I’m changing both for the coming year and likely forever.

BIG word: Forever. Well, if I can’t commit to forever with myself then things really are in a mess. Take a look at my first two changes and then come back once in a while to see what else I’ve added to the list.

Change #1: Stop watching negative programming like true life mysteries/crime recreations, etc..

Change#2: Give up candy for 360 days out of every year. This one isn’t that hard since I don’t eat a lot of candy anyways. Chocolates are included here but chocolate bars are not. That can wait for another day.