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Act Like You’re From Outer Space? You May Be Alienating Your Staff February 28, 2014



Picture this: A company moves from a crowded office to a custom built office across town. Staff knows when it will happen and they prepare, some by moving closer to the new office, others by changing rides, looking at new bus routes, etc.. They get information in trickle-form, a little at a time but overall everyone trusts that the new office will be a better working space. They’re looking forward to it.


Roll ahead a few months and the staff is told that the full move to the new building will take place over a weekend. A weekend that at least half the staff usually work. Those people will not be paid even though it is not their fault the office is closed. The move is feeling a little less special but everyone wants to get on with it so that they can settle into their new space.


Monday comes and everyone arrives for work. The design is great, there is a really nice kitchen for coffee breaks and lunch, the furniture is very nice and the chairs are even custom-covered in the company’s colours. Wonderful, right? Wait. Let’s walk out the door and up the outside stairs then inside again and to the back of the second floor to a former classroom where the customer service department will work.


Company colours? Small fridge or coffee maker for the 30 people who get one 30-minute lunch a day? Nope, they’re “too messy.” (Yes, you’re right, that is demeaning.) How about custom, ergonomically correct chairs? No. Here a basic chair, out of sync with the height of the phone tables, is the norm. Again, you’re right…it sounds like an ergo-no-no.


With all this change, the head of the company hasn’t been present or available to describe or discuss the changes. The supervisors may want to do a good job but it turns out they’re not very skilled at how to deliver information nobody wants to hear. Result? It’s day ONE at the new office and the entire customer service staff feel humiliated, degraded, frustrated and insecure about their future with the company.  In management terms, this is called an “epic fail.”


If you truly believe alienating and demeaning an entire department in your company is a good idea, you may be from another planet, because being positively involved in all departments is Management 101 stuff all over the world.

Change of the Day:  Look into writing a call centre management article addressing respect and productivity. And, hope it makes a difference to the industry.


Hey Honey, Honey, You’re Still Sugar

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Had some fun at the grocery store today looking at labels. You know the story. You go looking for nutrition and get introduced to a new word for sugar at every turn of the box. I’ve known people who gave up sugar and used honey instead because it was “healthier” for them. Uh, not really. Honey does have a soothing effect on a sore throat and some anti-bacterial properties but even if you need those things, you’re still consuming something as sweet as, um, sugar.


There must be a quiz somewhere that you can take to see what you know about sugar. For instance, is there sugar in yogurt? What about in vitamin water?  Apples? Soup? Your baking cupboard? A friend bought breakfast bars for her kids and was later surprised to find out that cake and jam (essentially what these were) were not actually good nutrition. Sometimes, we need to deconstruct what we’re eating the same way your mother used to deconstruct what you’re wearing. “Are you sure you want to wear that out, dear?”


Change of the Day:  Seriously, look at your sugar intake. And, not just as it heads into your mouth.




Why I Understand Alec Baldwin February 26, 2014



I’ve been introduced to an addictive word game. I just got a smart phone and I’ve been taking it everywhere with me. This means the game goes everywhere with me. And that means I can play it anywhere. And if I was on a hot streak, I can say with dramatic certainty that anyone wanting to shut me down should look carefully through their health insurance policy first.


Too aggressive? Perhaps, but imagine having a word so fantastic that it has to be shared. A point total that would leave your opponent gobsmacked and the game working hard to compute your new score. Could you really turn off your phone? Abandon the glory so close to being yours?


Oh. You could. Me? Not so much. Alec, I get you, friend.


Change of the Day:  Maybe not check my new phone every two minutes. And, look up more words with “Q” in them.


Ice Cold Cherry Dark Deliciousness February 25, 2014

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So, Black Cherry Ice Cream will be my downfall. It won’t be chips or cookies or Rose Bowl float-size pieces of cheese. Chapman’s Ice Cream, new to my town, I think, has destroyed my resolve to enjoy treats in moderation. Can a person truly be free when they are a slave to their passion for Black Cherry Ice Cream? Am I locked into a future of waiting for sales just so that I can break the scales after my indulgence? I think, yes.


If you have to have a problem, Dark Cherry Ice Cream is probably not the worst problem to have. Unless, of course, you are a middle-aged woman with 97 pounds (give or take a pound) to lose. But Chapman’s is a Canadian company! Not eating their Dark Cherry Ice Cream could be construed as unpatriotic! I bet their cherries come from the Okanagon which means if I don’t buy their ice cream I could be putting jobs at risk in both Ontario AND British Columbia. It’s a difficult weight to carry, but I’ll do my part.


Change of the Day:  Smaller bowl, girl. And, yeah, that’s it. Smaller bowl.




Moving To The Write

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There are so many stories in my head that my brain has finally demanded I move some of them out. Back in the day, and by this I mean 1975-1980, I told stories to my friends during lunch hour. I made up characters and situations and, at one point, I even made up a language. The language made no sense whatsoever but with intonations and pauses it sounded as real as fake crab.


I tend to write well on my computer. Eventually though, I need to write on paper. I make lists longer than Santa’s of every good location and bad situation. People come to life, animals and plants people their town, and it all feels so real that I wish I could paint instead of write because if I did then I could have just one moment in time captured and not need to be consistent through a plotline or twist. I think I fear reality in a fictional form.


Change of the Day:  Be the author of your next book. And, start it today.


Limerick Lullaby February 23, 2014

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There once was a girl from Quebec

Who got in trouble right up to her neck

It gave her a headache

But she decided to bake

And it turned out the cure was a cupcake


Change of the Day:  Have some fun in the kitchen again. And, enjoy a cupcake as a legitimate form of stress relief.


Knowing When You’re Tired Can Be Exhausting

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Listening to your body’s signals requires a desire to listen to your body’s signals. It’s hard to know what matters and what doesn’t if the full extent of checking your daily health is the act of blowing into your hand to be sure your gingivitis is under control. On the other hand, you don’t want Hypochrondriacs Are Us on speed-click either.


I suggest you get a good night’s rest, shower and then do a baseline assessment. Anything hurt? Anything cramping? Out of breath climbing out of bed? Skin itchy, red, or bumpy? Dry mouth or eyes? Anything swollen? Write down exactly how you’re feeling so that when you fall down go boom some time, you’ll know if anything has changed.


Change of the Day:  Assess your own general health. And, why not try green tea?


The Heart Patient is Outpacing Me February 21, 2014

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Took my friend home from the hospital today. He had open heart surgery on Monday. He was so happy to be home that he started doing laps around his circular coffee table. He’ll be really tired tomorrow but he was so happy tonight that I didn’t trip him as he went by (to help him conserve his energy, of course).


He lives in a bachelor apartment. Honestly, the man could not be better set up for recovery. He rolls out of bed and he’s standing in his kitchen. A couple steps to the right and he’s in the library which is right next to the tv room which adjoins the office. The only thing he has to travel for is the bathroom. This got me thinking about how much space a person needs. With the kids moving out, I can choose not only where to live but what to live in. The kids each have a one-bedroom apartment. They’re big because they’re both in older buildings. (Speaking from experience, being older and bigger is a natural combination for people, too.)


Change of the Day:  Look at smaller condos and apartments. And, try to remember to check in on your friend.


Beer Festival Follies

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There was a time when beer was my favourite weekend beverage. Go dancing, have a few Labatt 50s and life was good. There was just one small glitch in that scenario. Beer upset my stomach. Not the beer fest in my belly where the room spins kind of upset. More the burbling, gurgling kind. I finally gave up beer and didn’t drink again for 15 years. Then, a strawberry daiquiri took me down. Did you know they don’t even taste like alcohol? There is no defense against that. None. Okay, maybe an allergy to strawberries could get in the way but for everyone else, strawberries daiquiris are dangerous.


Eventually, my palate became more sophisticated. I learned a little about wine. I went to tastings and wineries. It’s weird though, to be drinking alone in a room full of people. But I am curious, will the beer festival here in Victoria featuring local brewskis give me a different experience? Does the ambiance change when you’re all burping together?


Change of the Day:  Go to at least one local beer festival event to learn something about brewing. And, don’t try to “learn” too much.








Procrastinate? Nah, I Just Hesitate February 19, 2014

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If I die tomorrow, my brother is going to have a heck of a mess to clean up and I’m not just talking dust bunnies here.


My brother is my executor. If something happens to me then he has to close my accounts, settle bills, etc.. I told him I would put together a list of my credit cards and other noteworthy things. That was a year ago. I haven’t procrastinated. I’ve hesitated to finish the list because I don’t want to miss anything.


I’m so considerate.


Change of the Day: Finish the list. And, maybe invite the dust bunnies to leave.