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Planning An Escape April 20, 2014

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I have so many Airmiles that I can circle the world at least once. I may even be able to fit some stops in. However, I have a problem deciding where to go and, harder still, who will pay for the rest of the expenses.


I could always use the Airmiles differently. Perhaps spend some on airfare and the rest on a hotel. And a rental car. And tickets to things. And it looks like I am staying home and going to Victoria for the night.


I’d better not ever go to jail. Apparently, I am really bad at planning an escape.


Change of the Day:  Look into what my Airmiles will actually allow me to do without spending alot of money. And then, make some more money.


Progress Can Be Fun March 31, 2014



I am finally seeing results after making more than 75 changes since last December. Here are some highlights:


The junkman cometh and he taketh away all my junk.


Found out what can poison my pets, in particular my crazy dog. Food sources that can poison her include xylitol, raisins and grapes, chocolate and, as we unfortunately discovered, mold. 


Christmas decorations are collected. You can’t sit on the living room couch yet, but the decorations are comfortable.


Catastrophic thinking has been thrown away and a cloak of super-powered positivity has taken its place. It slips occasionally, but I  watch a funny cat video on You Tube and it turns my mood right around.


George Clooney called. He likes me, but he doesn’t like-me, like me. I like you, too, George.

I clipped the kitty cat’s nails by tricking her into thinking she was getting a free mani-pedi at the spa. I felt badly so I threw in a massage.

The cheap blender I bought makes smoothies so rich I should charge myself for them.

I’ve played many memory games. I don’t remember what it means when I lose.

I’m using an ice cream bowl so small, it can only be called a spoon.


Change of the Day:  The weather is getting warmer. Learn how to make ice sculptures. That, or fill your ice cube trays on a regular basis.







What does an April Fool look like? George?


The Christmas Bunny March 29, 2014



It’s almost Easter and I still have some Christmas decorations hanging around. Nothing too overt, just some silver and green garlands wrapped around the base of a lamp and a thing near the stairs. 


Okay, maybe they are overt.  


Change of the Day:  Keep the decorations relevant to the season. And, no, there is no such thing as a Mother’s Day egg.


Confessions of Barbeque Chicken March 27, 2014

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Hello, my name is Marie and I am a barbeque chicken.


I have a nice barbeque, not too fancy or large. It sits in the corner of my tiny deck where it stares at me through the sliding glass door. I stare back, terrified. Do you know barbeques can only barbeque something if you light a flammable gas on fire? Does that sound like something a normal person would want to do? “Here, if you want dinner, go stand next to that container of gas with a match.” Crazy town.


Change of the Day: Overcome my fear of barbeques. And, move that barbeque so that it’s not staring at me all day long.


My Car Needs Some Love March 23, 2014



Someone asked me the other day if I liked my car. I think she was asking about the make and model but later I wondered if she’d looked into my backseat where I keep spare newspaper, sandwich wrappers, bottles and dog fur.  Maybe she meant I wasn’t taking care of my car very well. Huh. Well that was rude of her. Of course, she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met so the more likely story here is I’m a bit of a slob.


I admit I do not know how to cure slob-i-ness. If someone knows how to clean but does not clean, is the dirt really there?


Change of the Day:  Make more of an effort to keep the backseat clean. And, to help with that, stop reading newspapers in the car.


Mold Isn’t Funny March 16, 2014

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Short thoughts tonight. I cleaned out the fridge today. I reached waaaayyy into the back and finally got everything collected and stuffed into a garbage bag. I did not realize both an avocado and a tomato were hiding behind bottles of salad dressing, pickles and other things I haven’t used for a while. Out they went along with the end of a package of spinach and some very moldy pasta.


Fast forward, my dog gets into the garbage, eats the moldy pasta and has to be rushed to the emergency veterinarian. She trembled for almost two hours because I live 35 minutes from the emergency centre and she had to be assessed before being treated.Because I got her there quickly, she will likely be okay and not have any long term effects.


Change of the Day:  Learn more about what might poison my pets. And, put a lock on the garbage can.



Vanity, Thy Name is Why Not? March 14, 2014

Image  There’s a reason he won’t open his mouth.


Ah, First World problems….Am I wrinkling? Does my laundry smell fresh? Is the dog being massaged correctly? Which of hundreds of pairs of shoes should I buy?  Are my teeth white enough?


Hold up. My teeth AREN’T white enough. Over decades of drinking cola, I think I actually have accumulated some “staining.”  The weird thing is, the staining isn’t dark brown like cola. The staining is yellow. What’s even weirder is some of my teeth are as yellow as French Provincial furniture and others are more like a pasty pat of butter. Nonetheless, I have avoided whitening my teeth in the past because I’ve seen other people with very bad results. One person, with very large teeth, used whitening strips. Unfortunately, the strips left her teeth striped because they didn’t cover the entire tooth surface. Bigger problem? She couldn’t afford another set. Another friend used whitening gels so much her teeth turned glacial blue. She thought they looked good until someone asked what happened to her mouth. Ouch.


Change of the Day: Try a teeth whitening product. And, hope you don’t end up as striped as a old prison shirt because, once it’s done, you’re locked into it.