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It’s Time to Ensure You Know What to Insure April 24, 2014

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Picture this: Oldest child needs a place to store a few things while he works in the wilds of British Columbia as a grizzly bear guide. He takes some stuff with him and leaves a bunch of stuff here. But said kid doesn’t live here most of the time, even though this is his permanent address, so whose insurance is supposed to cover his stuff in my basement? And if some of their stuff is with him somewhere else for six months, how is that stuff insured?  Most importantly, how do I ensure his stuff will someday leave my basement again? Basements are notorious for kid seepage. It can be highly damaging to the parent-child relationship though I am fairly sure there is no insurance for that problem.


Change of the Day: Call an insurance agent to clarify when oldest child’s stuff will be leaving again. And, ask who covers what for how much in the meanwhile while hoping all the while that it isn’t me.


Tourist Attraction Under My Feet? March 18, 2014

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My basement is so full of weird stuff that Ripley’s Believe It Or Not could set up shop without adding a thing. Unfortunately, the street I live on doesn’t have enough room to accommodate tourist parking, so the alternative to Ripley’s is taking all that stuff to the dump. I’ll give away what I can, of course, but the rest should probably go.


Mom was thinking the same thing about her place. This horrified me. For decades, the entire family has “shopped in Grandma’s basement.”  No matter what you needed, Mom always had it. Spring form pan? Yep. Gigantic suitcase? Yes. Paper to line your cupboards? Nails or screws or a hacksaw? Folders for your files? A scale? A heater? Need a desk? Fabric from 1960 for your retro prom dress? Seventy-seven stuffed frogs in tie-dye t-shirts?


Okay, I made the last one up but it wouldn’t surprise me if I called Mom tomorrow and found out she has at least one.


Change of the Day:  Call the junk man. And, if Mom has a stuffed frog in a tie-dye t-shirt, leave at her house.