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Time To Change Directions May 6, 2014

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I’ve been chronicling changes I’ve been making for about four months. One of those changes was to finally set up my art studio in a room downstairs that has a picture window and therefore alot of light. I’m happy to report, I’ve done it. Not everything is sorted and I have a few things on my wish list still but it looks more like a studio than it did and the only things in there are art related (as long as we don’t count the huge tv from 2002 that needs a new home). So, now I am distracted. Although I love writing, and even changing, I’m putting this blog on hold until art moves into the background again. Many thanks to all who have followed my changing adventure. I move on to follow my heart (and the $100 I got for my birthday for art supplies). – Marie


Stay-cation of a Different Kind February 3, 2014


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If you stay home but think about somewhere else, is it a stay-cation or st-ink? Safe to assume if you’re traveling with someone else and they find out the only thing you did was plan the vacation but never booked the vacation…you’ll be staying home AND be in the stink.


I read recently that planning a vacation is the most relaxing part of traveling. Makes sense, no clothes to buy, no tiny locks with no longer matching keys to find, no care arrangements to be made for pets or parents and no lines to stand in. If I were planning a holiday, I’d consider going to the bustling metropolis of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Stop yelling at the screen.  Ottawa is wonderful.


Ottawa has the National Gallery, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Museum of History, the Parliament of the Moderately Civilized and the hill it sits on, and the Canadian War Museum. The nearby Gatineau Hills are beautiful and Montreal is only a short drive away. And, if I recall correctly from 1983, there is a hopping dance club across the river in Hull.  Theme song for the trip? “Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-uh-uhn.” 


Change of the Day:  Plan a trip that I won’t be going on because my bank account has a vote in this. And, imagine meeting Cyndi and Cher at their concert in Ottawa on April 26th, just in time for my birthday.  “Fun. Girls. Girls just wanna have fu-uh-uhn…”.


Lottery Luck in Lotus Land January 24, 2014

Image   January 25th is my father’s birthday. Had he lived, he would have been 92 this year. For his siblings and their spouses, living at least that long was completely normal. But, being the youngest and a rebel at heart, Dad died of cancer at just 78-years-old.

So, maybe no cake but we can still celebrate memories like when he gave us lottery tickets for Christmas, birthdays, and random weekdays. He wanted everyone to be as lucky as he felt. None of us ever won big so I routinely teased Dad about how to split $3 evenly among the five of us. Did he and Mom count as one share? Should it be based on need? I had more kids than my siblings afterall. Where did he think we should invest it?  Luckily, he laughed, albeit while waving his fist at me.

So, today, here’s to you, Dad. Your kids have no doubt we won the lottery the day we were born.

Change of the day:  Hug my most excellent mother more. And, go double check my lottery tickets. Dad might have put in a good word.







Remembering Birthdays January 7, 2014

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My youngest celebrates her 21st birthday soon so today I Googled, “cake decorating.”  I’m hoping I can learn to make something “Cake Boss” worthy. It needs to be fun, with charming characters on top, and a giraffe somewhere in the mix. I just don’t know if I have the capacity to learn something new. Tonight, I was trying to remember how to make a barbeque-beef on rice dish that I’ve made a hundred times and had to remind myself I needed beef. What chance does that giraffe really have?

I’ve heard playing online puzzle games or doing crosswords can help with your memory. Doesn’t help mine. What IS a three letter word for “an old French coin?” Apparently, it’s “ecu” which sounds like “ecru” which itself is a four-letter word for “Wow, is that an ugly colour” and completely inappropriate for a birthday cake.

Luckily, I found research that supports me leaving crosswords behind so that I can pick up a piping bag. Learning a new skill stimulates the brain in a way that is “mentally taxing” as opposed to doing something you already know how to do (like buying a cake at the store). Okay, learning how to decorate a cake will help my brain health and that will improve my memory. Hope it works quickly. Remember how I said her birthday was soon? I just remembered, it’s today.

For more about skills and memory see:

Today’s change: Learn a new skill.