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The Bane of the 80s April 22, 2014

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Nothing screams 80s like spiral bound photograph albums with pages made of plastic and sticky paper except maybe the photographs we put in them. “Don’t do it! My delicate pictures will be ruined!”  So, once those were banished from most homes, along came scrapbooking and acid-free paper. Cute. Fun. Time-consuming. Something to do on a rainy day in May…in about 20 years.


Hey, parents are busy people. Before digital become de regueur around 2000, millions of pictures were taken and printed and left to gather dust in “photo boxes.” We promised each other we’d organize them “someday.”  Someday came and went and the pictures are still waiting to be organized. In my defense, I did select a large number of my favourite photos and left them in a pile on the kitchen counter to put into date order. When I went back to sort them, they were stuck together like tar and feathers. Somebody, who shall remain nameless, spilled a glass of water on them and failed to dry the photos off. Thus ended my attempt to bring calm to the chaos of the family photos. Nameless should be lucky they didn’t end in that moment as well.  Grrr.


Change of the Day:  Sort the remaining photographs into chronological order. And, keep them off the counter.


The Funny Thing About Babies Is… April 12, 2014

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The funny thing about babies is they can drool on you and you think it’s cute. As a friend recently said, it must be confusing to start out life drooling, burping and farting to applause only to have those same behaviours fall out of favour just a year or so later.


Poor kids. We set them up to be confused by our expectations.


We have one baby in our extended family at the moment. He is surrounded by people who LOVE him enormously. But, he doesn’t see me very often. Obviously, this is a terrible situation for him. Who else will teach him that up is down and down is up?


Change of the Day: Spend more time with my little buddy. And, try to resist messing him up.


I Am Not As Organized As I Might Think March 3, 2014



Everything in my house has a place. That everything is not in its place is incidental to the datebook I keep on the counter not being on the counter but then the pen I use to write things down has been reduced to a broken crayon on the back of a cereal box (not a good choice as they themselves are sometimes waxed). I would be organized, on schedule, in sync, and bedazzling if only I were someone else.


This admission of disorder is only a surprise to you. For the friends and family who have come in far enough to fear disease, my disorder disorder is normal and completely manageable by not coming over.


Change of the Day:  Regroup. Reset. Reorganize. And, redeem yourself, dude.