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Bracing For the Future April 23, 2014

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You know how some stars are known for their gap-toothed smile? Think of Micheal Strahan or 70s model Lauren Hutton. Looks good, hasn’t hurt their career, it’s even a trademark they’re known by. My smile is slightly different. The gaps are BESIDE my front teeth, not between them. I’m missing my lateral incisors. I blame my older brother. He had extras.


I was in for a dental check-up today and casually asked about braces. “Hmm,” said my dentist, “Easy to do but might take a long time.”  This left me a little uneasy for a moment. Then I asked him if he meant a long time like an pregnant elephant who’s is overdue or a long time like waiting for your tax refund to arrive. Answer? Eight to ten months. So, no elephant involved and I may be able to use my tax refund to finance the braces.


Change of the Day:  Make an appointment to at least discuss the distant possibility of maybe, perhaps, getting braces. Then, get ready for a big show business career.