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The Bane of the 80s April 22, 2014

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Nothing screams 80s like spiral bound photograph albums with pages made of plastic and sticky paper except maybe the photographs we put in them. “Don’t do it! My delicate pictures will be ruined!”  So, once those were banished from most homes, along came scrapbooking and acid-free paper. Cute. Fun. Time-consuming. Something to do on a rainy day in May…in about 20 years.


Hey, parents are busy people. Before digital become de regueur around 2000, millions of pictures were taken and printed and left to gather dust in “photo boxes.” We promised each other we’d organize them “someday.”  Someday came and went and the pictures are still waiting to be organized. In my defense, I did select a large number of my favourite photos and left them in a pile on the kitchen counter to put into date order. When I went back to sort them, they were stuck together like tar and feathers. Somebody, who shall remain nameless, spilled a glass of water on them and failed to dry the photos off. Thus ended my attempt to bring calm to the chaos of the family photos. Nameless should be lucky they didn’t end in that moment as well.  Grrr.


Change of the Day:  Sort the remaining photographs into chronological order. And, keep them off the counter.


Jungle Book In Real Life April 3, 2014

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Photo Credit:  Wild Nature Institute


My brother and sister-in-law just got back from Kenya. They had an incredible time and I’m looking forward to seeing their holiday pictures. Hopefully, they’ll be more successful at choosing a few to enlarge and display than I was after a similar trip in 2002.


Yup, for 12 years, I’ve had slides with great shots of the flora and fauna of Kenya sorted and stored in boxes in my office. Amazingly, this circumstance makes it hard for me to see the reticulated giraffes roaming the Serengeti or the pride of lions eating a zebra so close to me I could have touched them. As I wrote in my article for the Globe and Mail back then, I felt safe in our open safari vehicle until our guide reached behind me and locked my door. I had been thinking the lions were so distracted by eating the zebra that they wouldn’t jump in. I hadn’t considered falling out.


Change of the Day: Within the next three months, pull out those old slides and find a few shots to enlarge. And, no, you don’t need to make those lions look any bigger.