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Bracing For the Future April 23, 2014

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You know how some stars are known for their gap-toothed smile? Think of Micheal Strahan or 70s model Lauren Hutton. Looks good, hasn’t hurt their career, it’s even a trademark they’re known by. My smile is slightly different. The gaps are BESIDE my front teeth, not between them. I’m missing my lateral incisors. I blame my older brother. He had extras.


I was in for a dental check-up today and casually asked about braces. “Hmm,” said my dentist, “Easy to do but might take a long time.”  This left me a little uneasy for a moment. Then I asked him if he meant a long time like an pregnant elephant who’s is overdue or a long time like waiting for your tax refund to arrive. Answer? Eight to ten months. So, no elephant involved and I may be able to use my tax refund to finance the braces.


Change of the Day:  Make an appointment to at least discuss the distant possibility of maybe, perhaps, getting braces. Then, get ready for a big show business career.


Taxes Can Be Sooooo Taxing March 8, 2014



Okay, not many people look forward to tax time. So, in that, I feel a wonderful sense of camaraderie with my fellow Canadians. Where we part ways is the number that take their T4s (employment income slips) to someone else to have their taxes done. People, get a grip. There are online programs that will walk you through doing your taxes for free if your annual income is under $20,000. FOR FREE. The Canada Revenue Agency even has a LIST of the programs that are available for free. Why pay someone else hundreds of dollars to do them for you?


Wait a minute. Hundreds? Please ignore everything I’ve just said. I’ll have my ad for doing your taxes for you posted in moments.


Change of the Day:  Think about how your skill set might be applied differently to bring in some income. And, get your taxes done, girl.